BIO / Artist Statement

Amanda Gehin is an artist/ citizen scientist working in Kansas City, MO. She spent half her childhood in the bucolic countryside of Wisconsin and the other half in a defunct Victorian sanitarium in disrepair. She is a graduate of Kansas City Art Institute, for which she finished her last credits at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary. She is a former artist-in-residence of Charlotte Street Foundation, Hoop Dog Studio, and BNIM Architects.

Amanda currently divides her time between working in studio and maintaining native landscapes for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Both in the landscape and in studio she meets her work with a meditative, methodical approach. She has come to understand her artwork as a type of citizen science. It is therefore befitting for her to have reverence for Ernst Haeckel, Paul Laffoley or Alexander von Humboldt. By patiently observing and experimenting with patterns of co-evolved species, the underlying architecture of natural things can reveal itself.

To understand a pattern language expressed between species is to understand a conversation.

By illustrating this conversation, Gehin hopes to cultivate appreciation and advocacy for threatened natural things.